Arduino UNO R3 ( Canaduino)

Arduino UNO R3 ( Canaduino)

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Arduino UNO R3 (Canaduino compatible microcontroller development board with CH340G USB-TTL bridge. Our UNO R3 board comes with the essential features of the original Arduino UNO R3, with some additional advantages.

With the included pin header and the special advanced board layout, is CANADUINO UNO R3 board much better suitable for your breadboard projects than any other UNO R3 board design.

Essential features of the Original Arduino UNO R3, not included in many of the Chinese boards:

– Diode “VD” avoids conflicts between different power supplies when connected to 2 different Vin sources same time

– Transistor “Q1” protects your computer’s USB port when UNO is connected to “Vin” source the same time

– ML358 OPA decouples the LED on I/O13 to make the port usable for other purposes as well

Additional features as advantage over the original Arduino UNO R3:

– 3.3V LDO “U5” can deliver 200mA continuously (original Arduino UNO R3 only 150mA)

– additional tie points 3.3V, 5V, GND, SCL, and SDA for easier I2C bus access

– precisely 16MHz crystal with 0.003% error (original Arduino UNO R3 only +/- 0.5%)

A set of male pin headers, to use the UNO on a breadboard, is included with every UNO controller.